"We have the stories, the audience,
the equipment, a theater, proper
intent, and the expertise to produce
modest and delightful content on the
worst of days… One critical element
missing is adequate funding. Rally
then, friends! Please do help us
it means far more than
the money to us. Thank you.

~ R.McNitt, founder of
Tri City Documentary
~ $350,000: TCD
~ $150,000
~ $200,000
~ $250,000
~ $300,000
... $25,000: Current Contributions
In Order of Appearance
The Old Man
M.J. Kehoe
Z. Jensen
M. LaClair
D. Bille
B. Giese
K. Jensen
Wagner/Kartiganer Family
K. Webb
J. Rutherford
J. Cannon
K. Brewster
M. Shafer
R. Herrin
C. Turner
The Pitchies
P. Tillman
M. G. Hurd  
J. Shelton
M. Mahoney
A. Gilliam
Pal's Sudden Service
Dr William Kennedy
Lynn & Rachel Light
"To give away money is an easy
matter and in any[one's] power;
but to decide to whom to give it,
and how large, and when, and for
what purpose and how, is neither
in every[one's] power, nor an easy
~ Aristotle
There is nothing more personal than business
~ $100,000
Please, do
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