Paul Kennedy: The end of the day
PAUL KENNEDY: The end of the day
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Mini DV; Windows Media Audio/Video file
Credited Talent:
Actor - Paul Kennedy
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Paul Kennedy Private Collection
Story Synopsis:

Paul Kennedy is professional photographer currently residing in
New York who lived most of his childhood years in historic
Jonesborough.  The son of Dr Kennedy, Paul was visiting for the
winter holidays during the principle shooting of his father’s
series on historical preservation and adaptive reuse.  Paul had
recently constructed a fabulous book entitled
The end of the
that documented the de-construction of the historic
Wells/Smith home and the subsequent reuse of materials in the
construction of Sabin House.

We used his narration in Dr Kennedy’s Sabin House video;
however, Paul stole the show, and deserved freestanding
recognition for his own story - so here is the excerpted Paul
Kennedy narration in its entirety as a tribute to Paul and his
Map Location:
Jonesborough, TN
Production Dates:
12/2010 - 5/2011
Production Notes:
Producer/Director: R.McNitt
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